You can book an appointment with a doctor, nurse or healthcare assistant by calling the surgery. Appointments are bookable from 08:30 and from 14:00.

Did you know that you can also see a number of other healthcare professionals

You can self-refer to a Physiotherapist by filling in the online form located here:

There is also plenty of useful information on the following website:

If you have a problem with your eyes, you can see an Optometrist. They are based at your local Opticians and can see you as an emergency for free on the NHS

If you have a problem with your teeth, you should always see a Dentist rather than a GP. If you are having trouble finding a Dentist, you can call 111. There is always an emergency Dentist available.

For information mental health, please see our dedicated page:

Mental Health

Contraceptive services are available at the practice. However, you can also attend Sexual Health Clinics run by the Health Board or get emergency contraception from Pharmacies:

Sexual health clinics in Pembrokeshire

You can also arrange a free STI check online by going to:

Frisky Wales

Local pharmacies are able to offer a variety of medications without a prescription for common ailments.

If you have a foot problem, you can refer yourself to a podiatrist without needing to see your GP.

Podiatry self referral

Due to constraints within the NHS GP appointments are for 10 minutes.  We aim to see our patients in a timely fashion but on occasion will run late.

The doctors will endeavour to discuss your medical concern within this timescale. if you have a number of concerns it is possible that you may be asked to book a further appointment.  This is to ensure that the appropriate time is given for each concern and also to avoid other patients also with booked appointments running late.

Thank you for your co-operation

Barlow House Surgery is a partnership and therefore the Doctors do not have individual lists. All patients are registered with a named GP within the partnership.   Patients have a right to express a preference of practitioner; however, it is preferable for a patient, having seen one doctor for a particular illness to continue to see the same doctor for that illness. This is particularly important with regard to discussing test results.

Appointment times vary according to each doctor but are generally available between 9.00am and 11.00am and between 2.00pm and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and are of 10 minutes duration. You have the right to see the doctor of your choice subject to availability.

To make an appointment please telephone the surgery on 01646 690674 during normal surgery times.

Patients not seen within 3 years
Any registered patient between the ages of 16 and 75 years who has not been seen in the surgery for a period of 3years, may request a consultation with an appropriate member of the team for a health check. In most cases this will be the Practice Nurse.
Patients aged 75 years and over
Any registered patient aged 75 years and over who has not been seen in surgery for a period of 12 months, may request a consultation with an appropriate member of the team for a health check.  In most cases this will be the Practice Nurse, however, for some patients who are housebound, it may be appropriate for them to be seen at home 

The Practice operates a  system whereby appointments are set aside each day for urgent problems that need to be dealt with on the day.  Patients are required to telephone the Practice as early as possible to arrange an  appointment, this will not be a GP of choice.  When booking an emergency appointment you will be asked the reason for your appointment to enable us to direct you to the right services. Please note emergency appointments are 5 minute slots to discuss your urgent problem. Please be aware that you may have to wait to be seen.

The Gp will only deal with the urgent problem on the day at this appointment and for anything routine you will be asked to make a routine appointment to discuss. 

To make an appointment  please contact the Practice on telephone number 01646 690674.

Home visits are for those patients who are housebound or who are genuinely too ill to attend the surgery.

Lack of transport is not a reason to request a home visit.

Please try to telephone the surgery before 11.00am with your request for a visit

Due to the constraints on the NHS please note that multiple missed appointments will result in removal from our list.

General Practice services are available out of hours for urgent care. You can access these services by calling the practice after 18:30 or by calling 111.